About company

Neftyanaya Servisnaya Kompaniya LLP, the Kazakhstan company, founded in 2003 and provides services in construction and facilities of oilfields, being one of the leading contractors providing services to operating companies in the region.

Foundation work Neftyanaya Servisnaya Kompaniya, LLP:

  • Work for convenience and development business of  partners
  • long-term co-operation more effective than the instantaneous profit
  • Why Oil Service Company LLP  - a reliable partner?
  • Competitive prices. Highly qualified team, able to offer competitive prices by reducing administrative costs, and professionalism.
  • Professionalism and efficiency in work.
  • Personal management. The customer has to deal with only one expert who accompanies the project at all stages.

Our goal.

Its goal the Company sees in promoting market development contracting services meet world standards by enhancing the productive capacity of the Company, to ensure an integrated approach to the delivery of services contributing to meet the needs of Customers.

 To achieve this goal, we rely on our corporate culture, a deep understanding of the working processes of the Customers, the experience in developing and implementing innovative technical solutions and high level of management.

Focusing on Customers needs Neftyanaya Servisnaya Kompaniya, LLP is guided by the desire for an integrated approach in the provision of services.

Offered by an integrated approach logically combines highly advanced technologies in the construction and facilities of the fields.

Providing this kind of complex services provides expansion and optimization of our Customers, as well as the best economic return on money spent by the Customer.

Such services are being successfully implemented by the Company in the fields of North Buzachi, Komsomolskoye and Dunga, confirming its high economic efficiency.

Neftyanaya Servisnaya Kompaniya, LLP  – this professional team

We seek to achievegood performance and secure firm, long-term positions at market services, selected for their activity, be competitive company, conduct regular searches for modernization, advanced technology, safety and advanced technology works.

Areas of the Company’s activity:

  • wellhead completion and location construction;
  • assembly of steel pipelines;
  • performance of special work (assembly of overhead power transmission lines, assembly of transformers and distribution boards, performance of start-up and commissioning works and high voltage tests of electrical equipment and etc.); 
  • assembly of various oil field equipment (reservoirs, manifolds, tanks, heaters, separators and etc.); 
  • repair and maintenance operations of the electric networks and substations, boilers and vessels operated under pressure, steam generating plants. 
  • assembly of underground communications made of fiberglass and polyethylene pipes;
  • carrying out general construction operations (manufacturing of reinforced concrete products, structures and fundaments);
  • assembly of structural steel erection;
  • Tank connections
  • Construction of pumping stations
  • Construction of fire-extinguishing systems
  • Underground and major repair of wells, dismantling of equipment and components
  • Testing after repair of wells
  • Flushing, cementing, testing wells
  • a wide range of consumer services staff in the shift camps in the region oil and gas complex enterprises, which include transport services on transportation workers, security objects (license), catering to the customer premises, laundry, cleaning and medical services.
  • high quality service in the rental of special equipment and vehicles, transportation technology and drinking water, removal of household waste, transportation of oil tankers.

All Company activities are confirmed by the appropriate governmental licenses